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Annual  Meeting
June 21st 5:30 p.m.

At Merrill Library (the library closes at 8 pm)




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Initiated in the early 1980s and occupying some forty-three acres overlooking the Royal River in Yarmouth, Maine, sixty five residential condominium units now comprise the development. No additional units will be built.  The private roads are flat and screened from the neighbors.

Starting with three basic models (ranging from 1,800 to 2,100 square feet) many of the units have been modified (“personalized”) internally over the years.  Nearly half are all on one floor with the rest being two stories – 20% have two garages – all have “enormous” basements.  Every unit either has or has the “potential” for at least three bedrooms as well as two or more bathrooms.

The “Common” areas include considerable “open space” a large swimming pool (with accompanying pool house), hard surfaced tennis court, community gardens and a substantial private area for storage of boats and recreational vehicles.

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Important Garage Update-May 2017


Dear  Blueberry Cove Members,
For a number of years, participants on Blueberry Cove Condominium Association’s board have explored the possibility of adding bays to existing as well as building new remote garages to meet the changing needs of Blueberry Cove’s residents.  
As those of you who were living here last spring know, the initiative to build eighteen additional bays was defeated at last June’s Annual Membership Meeting.  The reasons for the defeat included an objection to any additional construction at Blueberry Cove, confusion as to how many bays actually were being proposed and the considerable concern of some members who were not interested in an additional garage in having to share the cost of bringing the initiative before the Town of Yarmouth.
Because of the continued interest by many owners, the voting confusion and the objections related to cost voiced at last year’s meeting, the Board of Directors has decided to bring the measure before the membership again at this year’s Annual Membership Meeting on June 21, 2017, with changes to the plan, associated costs and who pays.
With a June vote in mind, we have scheduled the following meetings to inform residents of the new plan and process going forward and to allow those residents interested in a second garage to enter the lottery.  It is important to note that the cost of Plan Development and all construction and legal costs will be borne by the residents who secure a bay in the lottery.
Initial Meeting, June 2, 2017, 6:00 PM, Pool House (in case of rain, 47 Blueberry Cove)
1.  Review new plan, estimated cost of construction and ownership,
2.  Identify associated costs of elements required by the Town of Yarmouth for
    Yarmouth Planning Board approval, 
3.  Introduce lottery and its participation requirements.  
Second Meeting – Lottery, June 7, 6:00 PM, Pool House (in case of rain, 47 Blueberry Cove)
1.  Review of the lottery, participation requirements and answer questions,
2.  Conduct lottery.  This will only be held once.  Therefore, it is imperative that if you
                 are interested in a garage you or a representative must be present.
BCCA Annual Membership Meeting
1.  Vote on the initiative based on a new plan that includes only those bays secured in the   
                 lottery process.
If the initiative is approved by 3/4 (three quarters) of the membership, each successful lottery participant will be required within five business days to deposit his/her share of the cost of preparing a submission for the Town of Yarmouth’s Planning Board in an account overseen by BCCA Board’s Treasurer.  The amount required will be announced at the June 2nd meeting.  Any unused funds will be returned to each owner proportionately.  If the initiative fails, the issue is dead. 
I encourage everyone, whether interested in an additional garage or not, to attend the initial meeting and become an informed voter. 
Dale Steffens