President’s Message

Greetings everyone. I am writing to you today as President of the Association to solicit your help in directing the Cove’s resources toward the RV area.

The RV area, a Common Area, is there for owner’s use. Under the Association’s By-Laws and Rules, the Board is responsible to maintain this area just as with other Common Areas such as our buildings, lawns, campus landscaping, roads, and driveways and walkways. The RV area is utilitarian in that it is set aside for owners to store their RVs (recreational vehicles); boats, canoes, kayaks, trailers, campers, rowing shells, etc., and even automobiles. It is also used on occasion by our contractors as a convenience to store in transit construction material and equipment being used at Blueberry Cove. Without the proper organization, space, and facility being available, Blueberry Cove’s owners and contractors would have to find alternative storage space at a cost and inconvenience. This facility at Blueberry Cove is unique among local condominium campuses and thus, the use and perception greatly enhance the overall value of everyone’s investment.
I recently received comments from owners that use of the RV area has become restricted by fast-growing and steadily encroaching invasive bamboo and the far end of the area used as a dump for landscape clippings that has over time reduced available storage space. The area immediately around the maintenance shed has been used as a dump for discarded construction material. The owner’s concerns are valid. The RV area serves many valuable functions. We need to address this issue.
The landscaping crews are beginning to clean out the RV area. The invasive bamboo growth was cut back and the pile of landscape clippings and construction rubble cleaned out. This initial step will allow more comfortable storage of RVs, boats, and trailers in this area over this winter.
The Board is now faced with a question. Where do we go from here? Based on use, do we leave the area as? Or, as funding allows, do we continue with efforts to organize it, clean it up and maintain or even enhance its utilitarian value? We need your help now with useful information so that, going forward, the Board can assess your anticipated use of the RV area and then proceed with responsibly dispensing the Association’s time, facility, and financial resources in the best interest of everyone. 
In conjunction with the recent cleanup, there are a few immediate things that we all need to do:
For those just storing boat trailers, please park them at the far end of the RV area so that boats on trailers can be easily maneuvered into and stored nearest to the entrance.
If you do leave or store ANYTHING in the RV area, please identify it with the owner’s name visibly tagged on the trailer, watercraft, or whatever. In this cleanup process, it will be assumed that all items not identified by an owner and left in the RV area has been abandoned and will be disposed of. 
You can greatly help the Board’s thought process by now taking a few minutes to respond directly to me at this email address ( with the information on six questions about your interest in the RV area’s use. 
1.  Do you currently store anything in the RV area? If so, what? 
2.  Do you currently store watercraft in the RV area? If so, what kind: kayak, rowing shell, canoe, or another boat type, and what size is the watercraft?
3.  Do you currently only store a boat trailer in the RV area?
4.  If the RV area was cleaned up would you use a kayak/canoe/rowing shell rack? (There is a small, now dilapidated rack there now.) How many kayaks/canoes/rowing shells would you store on the rack?
5.  If the RV area was cleaned up; space available, racks provided, a clean, level surface, etc., if you are not doing so now, would you store watercraft in the RV area? If so, how many, what kind and size?
6.  If the RV area was cleaned up, besides watercraft and boat trailers, what else would you possibly store in the RV area; camper, automobile, whatever?
There is a Board meeting on 12 October. I would like to present your information at that meeting and, before they leave, capture as much input as possible from the “Snow Birds.”  So please get back as soon as you can.
The Board welcomes as well any other comments about the use of the RV area you would like to make.
Thanks in advance for your help. It’s your space… and money. Please respond.
~Steve Hobson
President- Blueberry Cove Condominium Association