Lease Agreement

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Lease Agreement:

Section B 3 of the Blueberry Cove Condominium Association (BCCA) Rules and Regulations states:

3) Leasing of Units – Owners have the right to lease their units with the following conditions. The lease shall be for a minimum of six months. A signed written agreement from the lessee must be filed with the Board prior to occupancy. Such agreement must acknowledge understanding of the Association rules, intention to abide by them and acceptance that the lease can be terminated within ten days, after a review by the Board of any matters indicating failure to comply with these rules.


I acknowledge I have received a copy of the BCCA Rules and Regulations and specifically that I understand Section B 3 listed above.

Unit Number being leased: _____

Unit Owner: __________________________________________

Lease begin date: ______________________________________

Anticipated Lease End Date: _____________________________


Unit Owner:                                                                                                  Lessee:


___________________________________                     _________________________________

Date:                                                                                                                 Date: